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Total Rescue Meros Poly-Peptide Treatment

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This is a rebuilding, strengthening, and nourishing – pure protein treatment or PPT. This products is for those clients struggling with their hair’s integrity. If you have a GinaCurl, this kit should be purchased BY STYLIST RECOMMENDATION ONLY. These products have been chosen to repair heavy damage and fortify strength, however, extended use will loosen/drop a GinaCurl and should not be purchased without stylist recommendation.

Start by cleansing your hair with InterLock Nourish Shampoo (always shampoo 2x during washes) & after, wring out your hair so it is not soaked. Follow up with the GinaCurl Replenishing Treatment to balance and replenish your hair. Once you have rinsed your treatment/conditioner out, blot your hair with a towel and section into 6 portions. Apply Meros PPT (Pure Protein Treatment) generously, making sure to focus on your line of demarcation. Rinse thoroughly for 20 mins to avoid buildup which can cause breakage. Follow with one more application of the GinaCurl Treatment, and rinse. Once you get out of the shower, use the Therapispa All-in-One Moisturizing Milk for all day hydration.

Recommended on your chemical treated clients, other than GinaCurls.

• Soak her hair until it shrinks up and is completely saturated.
• Add your Nourish Shampoo. If you don't get a good lather after soaking the hair, then have Therapispa Clarifying Cool shampoo available and shampoo once concentrating only on the roots.
• Rinse, rinse and more rinse!!
• Your second shampoo - GinaCurl Replenishing Shampoo should be concentrated on the mid shaft down to the ends working in a downward motion.
• Rinse, rinse and more rinse!!
• Towel blot if the hair is filled with water. The hair won't be able to absorb the Protein Treatment because the hair can only absorb so much.
• Section his/her hair in fours and generously add your PPT Protein to each section. After applying to one section, take three sections and twist. Twisting will allow the protein to get right under the cuticle layer of your hair.
• After applying to his/her entire head, place a plastic bag over. If you have a hair steamer, have them sit under a steamer for 20 minutes. If not, leave PPT in the hair for 30 minutes.
• Rinse, rinse and more rinse! You never want to leave any protein in her hair. Protein will get hard and if it's not all removed it can cause breakage!
• After rinsing out protein add Our GinaCurl Replenishing Treatment to loosen, soften and moisturize her hair.
• Always apply your conditioner in a downward motion.
• We recommend Therapispa All In One Leave in Conditioner and a heat protectant if you are going to style with heat.

We recommend that you do your PPT every month and a moisture treatment every two weeks.
GinaCurl Replenishing Treatment can be used as a deep moisturizing treatment, applying it similar to a protein treatment.

In salon PPT service and moisturizing treatment coming soon.